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Give it Away!

Our human nature is to ask questions. We like to know what, we like to know how, and we like to know why before we take that next step.

Simply put, our nature wants to see first and act later. This really has nothing to do with counting the cost but everything to do with setting our human heart at rest. (I John 3:19-20) teaches that reassurance comes not by setting our hearts at rest but in trusting God’s heart. He is greater than our heart (feelings).

This is why it is impossible to please God without faith (Hebrews 11:6). Catch this… “He rewards those who seek Him.” Faith is about trusting in His assurances instead of our own.
The spirit of mammon (money & possessions) rears its head often in our day to day existence. This spirit suggests to us that what we need is more money or possessions to provide for us a cushion. I like a good cushion but they never seem to last around our house. They tend to get used and need replaced.

A few months ago I wrestled with something God told me to give away. My rationale says that I “need” to sell this possession to provide some cushion. God gave it to me freely, and I turned it into my possession, my provision, and my cushion.

Have you ever said something out loud only to have God record it and replay it in your mind? It happens to me, where the Holy Spirit nudges and says… “Did you just say that?” What I said out loud was, “I’d like to give it away but I can’t, I need the money.” What I meant was, “I need this security.”

Please hear me, I’m not saying that we should not plan and save like the ant in (Proverbs 6:6). That is wisdom. I am saying that many of us are relying on our math skills and not on the One who gave us the ability to calculate.

Our financial challenges are not money problems, they are tests of faith. Not to reveal anything to God but to reveal something to us, “Oh we of little faith.”

The Bottom line? Look around you, listen, and obey the voice of God when He says “give it away!” I heard God’s voice and my heart is at rest in his presence.

Maybe this is a word for you today. Freely you have been given, freely give. He’s all you need!

Pastor Randy
P.S. Remember that God’s main currency is people. That’s the only investment that lasts.

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