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Making the Most...

I was sitting in my chair just now making the most of my office technology when opportunity walked through my door. It was a church food pantry worker who was looking for a moment of my time to tell a story. She wasn't sure about interupting my business until I told her that interuptions are my business!

I stoped what I was doing and looked into her eyes and told her to tell me her story. She began to tell me about one of our food bank client families who was unable to make it to the church for their distribution that morning. She said that the Lord laid it on her heart to personally deliver the food to their home. We don't encourage that because of the personal risk involved but this was a case that moved this worker's heart.

What she found was an elderly couple with need that went far beyond food. As She began to tear up, she said that the timing of the delivery was in a moment when they were contiplating taking their own life. The visit interupted Satan's plan and opened the eyes of the servant in my office who was reminded how blessed it is to be used of God and how important it is to obey the voice of God when asked to "go the extra mile."

The story does not end there. Connections are in the works between these two families that would not have been made if this worker had not made the most of an opportunity God placed before them. This is what a Divine connection looks like.

One of these two things may happen when you read this story. It may be just another feel good story of an opportunity that knocked or it may be a wake up call for you and I to keep our eyes open for opportunity that may be knocking on our door right now.

Look to serve others abundantly and the Father will bless you abundantly!

Merry Christmas,
Pastor Randy

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