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Executive Board

Executive Board


What does the Executive Board do? 

Executive Board members provide spiritual oversight, long-term vision and operational boundaries for the functioning of the whole church as an organization. While they focus on these items, they entrust the implementation of their direction into the hands of staff and other ministry leaders, through the leadership of the lead pastor. They focus their energy on the biblical mandate to lead and shepherd the whole church. 

The Executive Board serves as ambassadors of Jesus Christ, as a representative of the congregation who have an interest in the ministry at First Open Bible.

The Executive Board's responsibilities have both routine and varied aspects. Throughout each monthly meeting the Executive Board tackles important issues for the church, including:

  •  Overseeing the overall vision and future direction of the church;
  •  Creating policies to clearly define church values and operating procedures;
  •  Ensuring the teachings and practices of the church reflect accurate biblical theology;
  •  Protecting the Church by providing direction on financial risk management issues; and
  •  Supervising the lead pastor for accountability;
  •  Ensuring the vision and values remain consistent.


Scott Phillips (Judie)

Scott Phillips


Kenny Gail (Susan)

Kenny Gail


Tim Moore (Mary)

Tim Moore


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Nathan Anderson (Jacque)


Douglas Plotz (Candy)