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Relentless Youth Church

Relentless Youth Church

Relentless logoRelentless Youth Ministries serves students 6th - 12th grades. Key verse is Romans 12:11: "NEVER be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord."


Main Student Service:  Wednesday Evening 6:30 PM - 8 PM
Vision Statement:  People are our mission and love is our motive!


Our 3Gs of Ministry           Capture 1.JPG


Join us for our Cultivate Sunday School class on Sunday Morning's at 9:30 AM taught by Pastor Cody (Downstairs in K1 Room). This is a class that sends students on a growth track to deepen their understanding of Biblical principals found in the Word of God! This growth track will cover everything from the salvation experience to the power of Evangelism! This class is designed to equip the students and help them grow in their knowledge of Christ!

GROWING IN DISCIPLESHIP   (We offer three areas)

  1. Ignite Groups:  These groups offer students a place to ignite their faith within their age bracket and connect with other students. We offer these groups during our Wednesday Night Service. These groups are led by Spiritual Coaches who walk along side that age bracket and help students grow in the Word of God, in prayer, in support and these groups offer a safe environment for transparency and accountability.
  2. The "Well" Mentor Program - Junior/ Senior Girls:  Our heart is for the King and His kingdom, and to teach God's daughters how to rise up and live out their destiny. Girls with Swords Curriculum is biblical, insightful and challenging. It is a declaration for our time, calling God's daughters to skillfully wield the sword of the His Word. Don't be taken out in the fight! Stand Firm and Experience Spiritual Victory! Ask Denise Koch for more details!
  3. The "Well" Mentor Program - Junior / Senior Guys:  Experience Mentorship at a deep level! Meet one on one with Pastor Cody! We believe discipleship allows us to model, mentor, monitor, motivate and multiply! If you want to grow get hungry for growth!

We believe in serving our community and each other! We plan regular ways to outreach to our city and help students grow in Evangelism! "Encounter" is our Youth Church outreach that is touching lives in the community! We often will hand out free gift cards or perform other free services to plant seeds. This gives students a safe environment to express interest in missions and outreaches; just close to home. 



The Focus of Relentless Youth Ministries

Jesus' Model of Ministry: Four Phases

1. Build (Discipleship)

  • In Matthew Chapters five through seven Jesus calls the discples, teaches them, and values them. Discipleship = Taking on the Character and Priorities of Christ. 

2. Equipping

  • Jesus sends disciples out, allows them to try out their spiritual gifts, ministry, calling, etc. This phases gives the students an opportunity to see what their gifts are and to perform them in a controlled, safe environment. 

3. Win (Evangelism)

  • The Kingdom of God is being established, people are putting their faith in Christ. This also the phase where you put all of your trust in God and God alone. 

4. Mulitply

  • Jesus gives the Great Commision, the church is launched.  

Relentless Youth models these phases by doing exactly what Jesus did with His disciples. 

                            Jesus did it, disciples watched

                            Jesus did it, disciples helped

                            Disciples did it, Jesus watched and gave feedback

                            Disciples did it


Pastor Cody Van Sickle

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Youth Leadership Team:

Relentless Youth Staff

  • Matt Peiffer
    Prayer & Deliverance / Spiritual Coach
  • Hunter Holland
    Prayer & Deliverance / Spiritual Coach
  • Denise Koch
    Prayer and Deliverance / Spiritual Coach
  • Katie Mains
    Hospitality Coordinator / Spiritual Coach
  • Shelby Holsapple
    Hospitality & Outreach Coordinator / Spiritual Coach